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The transfer window madness for the summer of 2017 may be far in the rear-view mirror now, but as they say, exciting times are always around the corner. Yet again, it’s that time of the year. All the football fanatics geared up for the surprises in store for them. Some fans will be shouting with glee as the others will be unbelievably distraught and awestruck. The January 2018 window is turning out to be immensely intriguing looking at the present scenario of the league races around Europe.

There is a lot going on in the football world, heated arguments, heartbreaks, suspense, and all that jazz. Through this post, we seek to update you with all the latest happenings in the current transfer window; the transfers that have taken place, and those that are most likely to take place and all the drama that led up to them.



January 2018 transfer window highlights
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Rumour has it that throughout the summer, Coutinho had been clinging on to a hope for a switch to Barcelona that never came to be materialised. Liverpool felt they shouldn’t be coerced into selling Coutinho as they have him under a long-term contract. Nevertheless, if the price were to reach an excessively high level, then parting ways would sound like the right way to go.

Coutinho made attempts to fabricate a move to the Spanish club in the summer window when he proposed a transfer request. Liverpool had then dismissed a deal offer which was reported to be worth a £100 million. The Reds weren’t going to settle for a bid that didn’t at least match up to that amount, exceeding it would have been a bonus.

Coutinho’s future in the team had been under speculation for quite some time in the past one year, especially when the Spanish club openly expressed their keenness in getting him on board in the last window when one of their fellow Brazilian teammates, Neymar made a jump to Paris Saint German.

The Reds then dropped a rather evident hint that they were gearing up for Coutinho’s move to Barcelona by using him for their official 2018 calendar. And on Saturday, 6th January 2018, both Barcelona and Liverpool confirmed the transfer of this star attacker. The Reds happened to have signed a deal worth £142 million with Barcelona for Coutinho’s move. Barcelona hadn’t given up on Coutinho since the summer window and they finally got what they were after. Barcelona reasserted Coutinho’s transfer news soon after the transfer and revealed that Coutinho will have a buyout clause worth £400 million and a contract for five and a half years. For what it’s worth, Coutinho played well with the Reds and their attacking monsters.



January 2018 transfer window  highlights
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Sanchez’s contract with Arsenal is moving close to becoming obsolete at the end of 2017-18, and he is reportedly considering a costless transfer to Manchester City to join their troop of talented attackers. Their’s no doubt that his part in Arsenal was a more prominent one, but apparently, he is not long for the Emirates anymore. One can only wonder if Arsenal will cash in at this point in time. They might not if they don’t believe that they can end up in the top four without him. Man City were reportedly very close to signing him in the summer transfer window, but Arsene Wenger made sure that his brilliant forward stayed put.

But now that his contract is close to its expiration, his transfer is certain. However, it’s not just Man City that Sanchez has been linked with. Their true rivals, Manchester United and PSG have also been linked with the player. Reports suggest that Arsenal may be open to doing business with Man City and is considering bids upto or exceeding £25 million.

The Gunners had the opportunity to get Man City to finally settle for a deal of £60 million in exchange for Sanchez during the summer window but the transfer couldn’t be executed because they failed to find a decent replacement in time. Nevertheless, now Arsene Wenger may have no other way out but to either settle for a lower sum or jeopardise losing his star forward  for no money at all at the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, has also agreed to sign a top quality replacement, just in case Sanchez does happen to leave the club.



January 2018 transfer window highlights ross Barkley
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Ross Barkley’s signing could not be executed in the summer window due to his injury and new management for Everton doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to stay put. He was struggling for a place in England’s World Cup team. He had other suitors among some of the top teams of the Premier League. He has reportedly been linked with Tottenham and apparently offered a long-term option for the Spurs despite their current midfielders Moussa Sissoko and Mousa Dembele, who seem to be doing a pretty good job.

He was close to joining Arsenal in the summer. Nevertheless, he decided to consider a transfer for the January window instead. The Spurs were all set to fight the Blues to sign Barkley this window. As he was nearing full-fitness, he was also nearing running out of contract at the end of the season. The Blues could have actually waited till the end of the season to be able to sign Barkley for no price at all, but that would have meant risking losing him on the open market.

And hence, Chelsea ultimately decided and made a bid worth £15 million for Barkley and beat the Spurs to it, after which the Spurs finally ended their chase after pursuing him all summer. Barkley had turned down a £35 million transfer deal with the club in the summer window as he wanted to focus on recovering from his hamstring injury.

Nevertheless, Barkley will now be fit to play in all four competitions which the Blues are a part of as he has yet to make his appearance for this season.His contract with the Toffees was due to end towards the end of this season as he refused to sign a new one with them. The Everton star has signed a five and a half years contract with the Blues at Stamford Bridge.



January 2018 transfer window highlights Virgil van dijk
Image Source: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11196732/ross-barkley-completes-chelsea-transfer-from-everton

The transfer rumours over the summer were mostly centred around Van Dijk with Liverpool in, out and then back in the picture, ultimately after which he came out empty handed. His Liverpool exile came to an end when he joined in to play for the Saints and then Liverpool was on a lookout for a step up on the defensive side and so was Manchester City.

Ralph Krueger, chairman of the Saints claimed he was relieved when the entire Van Dijk transfer drama came to an end and believed that Southampton’s reluctance on letting go of Van Dijk in the summer window created an “earthquake”. Van Dijk became part of Liverpool following his £75 million move from Southampton after they finally agreed to let him go despite their firm reluctance to do so in the summer window. Despite a rather strong interest from the Premier League stars, Manchester City, Van Dijk was desperate in his attempts to make a move to Anfield.  Southampton wished him luck and confirmed that the deal is likely to set a world record for a defender.

Meanwhile, fellow Liverpool defender Ragnar Klavan claims that he is absolutely comfortable with having Van Dijk on board to also play in his position. Instead, he feels that Van Dijk might actually prove to be a good addition to the team. As far as the competition is concerned, Klavan believes that competition is good for everyone.



January 2018 transfer window highlights Danny rose
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After losing their star right-back player, Kyle Walker, the Spurs are now almost on the verge of losing their brilliant left-back too. Rose has been out since January 2017 due to severe injury. In an interview in August, Rose mentioned that he may be open to the idea of a move to the north. He also suggested that he felt that what he was getting paid was not worth the amount of work he was putting in.

He is now rumoured to be keen on making a move to Manchester United. Jose Mourinho is reportedly making desperate attempts to land his star left-back and trying his level best to urge the Manchester United Board to at least £50 million on the table for his long term target.

The Spurs might still be reluctant to allow Rose to leave in January but will be convinced if Manchester United agree to match up to their estimate of at least £50 million, also if they can manage to land their preferable replacement, Fulham’s Ryan Sessengon.



January 2018 transfer window highlights jack Wilshere
Image Source: http://www.thehardtackle.com/news/2017/09/16/transfer-news-roy-hogdson-eyes-january-move-for-jack-wilshere/

Reports suggest that Jack Wilshere is considering ending his alliance with Arsenal in this January window so that he can focus on having a shot at winning a place in England’s World Cup Squad. Wilshere will be out of contract in the summer and even though the club would rather he stayed put, the star midfielder is running short of time to convince Gareth Southgate to pick him.

Wilshere needs to be playing rather consistently if he wants to be considered for England but he’s presently not a part of Arsene Wenger’s stronger Premier League side. While there has been interest from clubs abroad like Real Betis and Sampdoria, Chelsea and Manchester City have also been linked with the Arsenal star.

David Moyes has shown some interest towards having Jack Wilshere on board as West Ham gears up for a transfer window that Moyes believes will prevent the team from moving a step down. Nevertheless, his future remains uncertain as he struggles to earn a new contract at Arsenal and a shot at being a part of England’s World Cup squad.





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