Sports Management as a career
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It is a very common observation that all sports enthusiasts forget to eat, drink, or at times, even shower, when they know of an important game coming on. People wait for that time of the day when they can step into the field and play. Even the ones who don’t play a particular sport are in many ways involved in, and affected by, the ever-so-exciting world of sports. This blog focuses on those other ways a person can be a part of the industry, by exploring the many career avenues a degree in sports management has to offer.

Over the years, India has become a breeding ground for sports. Now that a growing number of sports leagues have come up for various different sports, such as Indian Premier League, Hockey Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League, etc. career opportunities in the sports sector are flourishing.

While most people who aspire to make it big in the sports industry wish to represent the country on national and international stages, we’d like to highlight that actually playing a sport is not the only way one can pursue a career in sports. There are many who have all the necessary knowledge and skills for a particular game and yet are working behind-the-scenes. They take care of the team finances, contracts of athletes, game analytics, organising tournaments, etc. and are making it just as big as the athletes themselves. These managers are crucial for any club/athlete in order for them to operate smoothly. The managers take care of these athletes off the field so they can focus on taking care of their game on the field.

Scope of sports management as a career- sports broadcast and journalism
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Sports managers operate on all levels and aspects related to the business and governance of sports. So if one is passionate about exploring a profession in sports, and wishes to take care of the business end of it, sports management could be the perfect career option for them.

Sports management is one field of sports education that is presently gaining popularity. As reports suggest, India is already showing a lot of interest in this field. According to FICCI, an estimate of 23 lakh in the country will be a part of this industry by the year 2025.

Over 52 approved national sports federations from around the country are presently working hard to encourage and boost a certain sport. In the days to come, there will be a pressing demand for sports managers, for the very purpose of branding, marketing, and for managing portfolios of the star athletes. The event management companies are on the look out for sports managers to conduct and overlook more and more sports events. Various clubs around the world need managers to take care of the team finances and administration.

From IPL to IHL, each passing year, several different kinds of leagues are being organised on different scales and levels to meet the increasing demands and expectations of the sports enthusiasts. A specialisation in sports management offers various strenuous as well as rewarding career paths. During that period an individual attains a thorough understanding of the multifaceted merit and worth of the sports industry.

Career options in sPorts management- sports performance analysis
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The aspirant can procure a wide range of skills in business and administration, PR and communication, marketing, etc. There are several career paths in the field of sports management, and one could possibly explore the following options:

• Sports Teams & League Management

• Sports Marketing

• Sports Communication and PR

• Sports Talent Management

• Sports Logistics and Analytics

• Sports Psychology

• Sports Tourism

• Sports Event Management

• Sports Law and Ethics

• Sports Broadcasting and Journalism

The monetary advantages of a degree in Sports Management can be considerable, particularly for the exceptional few who manage to make it to the top positions in the industry. However, the contention for these roles is said to be as heated as it is on the field. The candidate must really prove their worth to the employers with a solid competent track record. Links in the industry and an advanced degree go a long way.

Now most students have a question regarding their prospects in sports management and the amount of time and effort they’re willing to put in to pursue it, they wonder whether or not it will all prove to be worth it. The pursuit of sports management requires extensive. Getting into a selective sports management grad school with a comprehensive and rigorous program could help the individual go a long way in terms of professional knowledge and marketability in this industry.

Sports Management- Cardiff Metropolitan University
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A degree from top-tier sports management universities brings with it the stature and prestige along with access to an elected network of alumni and department heads. One such university is Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. The roots of Cardiff Met University date back to 1865. The University has over 12,000 students from more than 140 countries. Cardiff Met is one of the top-ranked institutions across the world in the field of sports management. 96% of Cardiff Met students have succeeded in finding employment and/or are undertaking further study within 6 months of completing their graduation.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Sports Management
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TSC Asia, a leading sports management company, takes pride in being the facilitator for many aspirants to realise their dreams of playing and studying in Europe and being partners in progress for Cardiff Metropolitan University. Here’s what Siddhant Dhirani, a former Cardiff Met student and currently the Head of Sports Education at TSC Asia, had to say about Cardiff Met,

“As a student who has always nurtured a passion for sports, Cardiff Met University was the ideal option for me, as the university doesn’t just offer the best courses in this field, but also gave me an opportunity to be part of the university team that plays European football and is in the top division of Wales. This is ideal for a student like me, who aspires to pursue a career in sports as well as play professional football. So, to sum it up, I didn’t just get a sports management degree, I also got to play in a professional European football environment, and I could not have asked for more.”

Very recently, the Sports Education division of TSC Asia was able to facilitate the admission of two prospects into Cardiff Metropolitan University, namely, Paritosh Nagar and Div Agarwal. Mentioned below are statements from Paritosh and Div, the two potential students going to pursue Sports Management at Cardiff Met.

“I feel that Cardiff Metropolitan University is not only going to nurture my pathway but it is surely going to assist me in my career as a professional football player. I have captained ‘The Dream Team F.C’ in the 2nd tier of Delhi League and have represented my college and University teams in various tournaments in that 3 year span. I have also
captained my School team and State team on various national level tournaments. So, in order to progress from here on, Cardiff Metropolitan University is definitely going to aid in channelizing my career towards superior heights.”

“My wish is to pursue a career in Sports Performance Analysis which I believe Cardiff Metropolitan offers the best. I truly believe this is what I really want to do professionally. I feel that the infrastructure and equipment provided by the University gives you a clear insight into the fact that the University believes giving the best they can offer to their students for the best possible outcome. Earlier my aim was to just professionally work in the sports industry but now I know that with my vast knowledge and understanding of various sports I would love to become a Sports Performance Analyst. Cardiff Metropolitan University is my best bet and I couldn’t be more excited to start my journey at Cardiff.”

Fortunately, for Sports Management, career options are great, compared to some other disciplines. So, with efficient planning and good experience in both academics and sports, Sports management as a career could prove to be quite promising and entertaining having scope that is spread across many continents.

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