Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence wins Championships.” – Michael Jordan

The motivation to excel has seen athletes around the world make sacrifices, and as their desire to succeed becomes internalized, a sportsperson is born.


TSC Asia was founded in 2012, as a sports advisory company, our core resonates with the passion and love for sports, because achieving a dream requires endurance, conditioning, sweat and perseverance. At TSC, we make sure those dreams become a reality by providing a platform to bring home the trophies that India has always dreamed of.
We are deeply motivated by the desire to drive forward. We aim to provide the structure  and foundation necessary for the youth to grow into goal oriented, ambitious, and triumphant world-class athletes, who could, one day, represent India internationally.

Through intensive training, we offer our players the opportunity to be in the same league as Messi, Jordan and Williams, to be recognized and to compete at international levels.

We make sure to provide state-of-the-art and high quality training programs and facilities, customized to meet specific goals. At TSC, we work hard to cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship. For us, shaping budding talent is just as important as ensuring that those who provide guidance are well trained and are determined to help the students reach their goals.

Our core services go beyond just training the youth. We are extremely passionate about our training programs. We aim to ensure that those who choose take up a sport, are fairly represented and that the people who participate are able to see sports in the best light. Our services include Grassroots Training, School Sports management, Sports Personnel Management and Event management.


We are on a mission to recognize and transform raw talent into world-class professionals in a well-structured, fun, and friendly training environment.

We believe in Sports and the potential of those under our wings, from the core of our hearts. The happiness of those whom we engage with is of utmost importance to us.

Our training programs currently run in multiple schools and we will be taking it to many more this year. We are happy to have already got over 2000 children under our wings and are focusing on ways to make them soar to great heights and celebrate their victories.


Encouraging hard work, patience and a great desire to achieve goals is what the company stands for. TSC Asia™ pushes for excellence in sports by changing and expanding expectations, constantly searching for talent, developing structured training courses and consulting for sports infrastructure.

TSC Asia offers services such as:

Website: Customized, professionally managed, sports coaching programs for all-round development of happy and focussed children!
Website:Teacher Training and School team management in a fun, friendly, structured training environment
Website: End-to-end, swift and efficient, sports personnel management services for identification and facilitation of placements and transfers.

Website: Organization of sporting events and leagues for seamless and memorable events.


Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” -Pele

At TSC, we go the extra mile to teach our students core values such as team building, sportsmanship, fair play, the importance of hard work, discipline and dedication. We reinforce all-round development through internationally bench-marked and structured training programs, led by licensed professionals. Our training programs include Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, and Badminton.

We firmly believe in being a part of our students’ journeys, every step of the way; from that first kick, first goal or basket, first save or even the first time they learn how to tie their shoelaces. We are proud of the children participating in our programs and we celebrate their achievements because we believe that they are our own. We make sure to involve the parents of our students in our events, so that they can get an opportunity to be a part of their children’s progress.

For this purpose we have set up various Schools of sports such as School of Soccer, School of Basketball, School of Badminton and School of Tennis.

Our programs are designed to include:

• Training programs for children starting from 3 ½ years of age to 18 years of age, in a professional, fun and friendly environment.
• All year access to training and multiple centers are spread across DELHI/ NCR
• Age appropriate training for the sport, strength and conditioning
• Nutrition advice
• Player Assessment
• Video Analysis and Stats
• Focus on specializing individual skills
• Licensed & certified coaches
• Access to international exposure
• Counseling for careers in the sports industry

Our training modules are developed covering the technical, tactical, physical, mental and social elements of the sport. Our coaches undergo an extensive 100
 hours’ training before they venture out to coach and train children. They take it upon themselves to not only train the child at the sport, but also provide guidance in various other aspects while giving each child the attention he/she needs.

Link to contact us –

School of Soccer
School of Basketball
School of Badminton
School of Tennis


TSC Asia™ provides an international and deeply enthralling training experience by bringing in professionals from all fields, be it soccer, tennis, basketball and badminton, to teach and give credible experience of the sport to the child that enables him/her to move closer to their goal. Our professionally managed school sports management programs include,

– Customized Coaching programs for children in their chosen sport
– Training of P.E. teachers on the changing safety and coaching methodologies, these workshops are specially designed for them
– Regular Workshops and training sessions.
– Registrations of participants
– Setting up of training schedules
– Fees Management
– Coach Management
– Facilities Maintenance

We currently manage the girls and boys teams of leading Schools in Delhi/NCR and love that the children in our programs can learn the sports they choose to pursue, in a fun and engaging environment, in school hours as well as after school hours. We presently have over 10 coaches on board and access to physiotherapy specialists.


TSC consults with and represents various stakeholders of the sports industry including teams, clubs, players, coaches and corporate sponsors. We connect institutions with top-level professionals. Our representation includes direct interface or via accredited partner agencies across the world. Our partnerships enable us to identify and facilitate placements, swiftly and efficiently.

We not only prioritize full professional training management services for international and domestic coaches and athletes through partnering with the best sports industry representatives, but we also care about helping them through adjustment periods and provide our support for relocation and family counseling.

We believe that the right experience and specialized knowledge gives the professionals an advantage in any country. The personnel we manage are like family to us and we do whatever we can for them have a shot at their dreams! We personally stay involved and make sure that both sides are getting a fair deal.


Our ability to engage and manage a large number of people combined with our sports specific technical skills, allow us to have events that are fun for our clients as well manage school leagues that allow for participation from families and children alike.

Event management

TSC Asia™ specializes in organizing sports events, from conceptualization to execution. We dedicate ourselves to organizing events that are seamless, memorable and highly engaging.

Our clients include, a large News publishing conglomerate, An energy management company and a hospital conglomerate/insurance co, amongst others. We have easily accommodated up to a 1000 participants over a period of 10 days successfully.

League Management

We, at The Sports Company™, provide children with a platform to play and showcase his/ her skills. We urge them to not only get better at the game, but also give their best. Currently we have our leagues across Delhi/NCR:

FISL (Faridabad International School League)
NISL (Noida International School League)
GISL (Gurgaon International School League)

The objective of the leagues is to introduce competitive soccer in the school systems, increase the quality of soccer being played and expose them to a platform that shall enhance all aspects of their game. We aim to identify the best talent in India and guide them into the national team set-up and aspire to make India a better-ranked nation in soccer.

We use this platform to educate families about the power and importance of the sport. An environment that is safe/ fun, and promotes this ideology on the soccer field that background, religion and economic status doesn’t matter, and believe that every child in it stands apart. We truly believe that these children are India’s future.

Our dream is to show the world what Indian players are made of.

Stand Strong, Stand Tall and Stand for what you believe in!

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